Children’s Dentistry in Northfield

Children's Dentistry

We provide comprehensive dental care for children to help them keep their teeth healthy for life.

Friendly and Comfortable Dentistry for Children

We provide dental services for the entire family, and we love treating kids. Our approach is to give children a pleasant experience starting from the first time they come to our office, so they do not build up a fear of the dentist.

We provide a wide variety of dental services for children, and we always make visits gentle and fun. We even have a kid’s corner in our reception area with a play table and fun things on the wall so your children can enjoy themselves while they wait.

Experienced, friendly dentist

Experienced, friendly dentist

Dr. Azary loves treating children and will make sure they have a comfortable experience.

Dr. Azary is great with kids and she takes care of all the children who come to see us. She has a long history of working with children and understands their needs. Before becoming a dentist, she was both a maternity supervisor and midwife, and delivered over 2000 babies.

Dr. Azary also completed a pediatric dentistry externship at the Rainbow Children’s Hospital in Cleveland, Ohio as part of her dental training at Case Western Reserve University. She knows how to make your child feel comfortable, and she provides gentle and efficient treatment.

Your Child’s First Visits

Our doctors encourage you to start bringing your children in to see us when they are as young as two years old. We often start with simple visits where they can get to know us and have a fun, nonthreatening experience. We may simply have them take a “ride” in the dental chair or get their teeth “tickled” as a first level of activity. For children who are a bit older, their first visit may involve a simple exam or cleaning that is very noninvasive. It is intended simply to get them feeling comfortable with the staff and office so that when or if they need a filling or other treatment it will go smoothly.

Our Gentle Services for Children

Dr. Azary provides a wide range of services for kids. She approaches each child very gently and will always carefully explain what she is doing so your child knows what is going on. Below are some of the main children’s services we offer:

Thorough and comfortable cleanings

Thorough and comfortable cleanings

Our friendly hygienists gently educate children on how they can take good care of their teeth.

A lifetime of good dental health depends on regular preventive cleanings and practicing good home oral care. We give very gentle and effective cleanings for children and gently educate them on good dental hygiene practices so they can contribute to their own oral health.

Metal-free fillings

If Dr. Azary needs to fill a cavity, she uses a metal-free, tooth-colored filling material that will not leach any mercury.

To prepare the tooth for filling, she uses an advanced dental laser that painlessly and silently removes any decay. This often eliminates the need for any anesthetic and makes getting a tooth filled a very nontraumatic experience.

Sealants and fluoride treatments

Sealants are a cost-effective treatment to help prevent cavities. Dr. Azary simply applies a thin layer of a plastic-like coating over the biting surfaces of your child’s teeth that acts as a protective guard against bacteria. Fluoride treatment is also available as an additional cavity fighter.



Dr. Azary will show and explain to your child what is happening with their teeth.

If an extraction needs to be performed, Dr. Azary removes teeth gently and in a way that minimizes any discomfort.

Baby root canals and crowns

Baby teeth can sometimes become decayed or damaged to such an extent that they cannot be repaired with a filling. Extraction isn’t a good answer, as baby teeth play a pivotal role in guiding the permanent teeth to erupt in their proper positions.

Missing baby teeth can cause the adjacent teeth to shift position, and adult teeth can end up trying to emerge in the wrong places. This can cause significant complications with a child’s bite alignment later.

Dr. Azary provides root canal treatment and crowns for baby teeth when necessary. She always makes sure the treatment is conservative and minimally invasive, and she uses a comfortable dental laser instead of a dental drill to remove tooth decay whenever possible.

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