Full-Mouth Rehabilitation in Northfield

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Dr. Davidson uses the latest technology to restore his patients’ smiles to full health, function and beauty.

Expert Comprehensive Dental Rehabilitation

Teeth can become fractured, decayed or lost over time due to gum disease, injury or other factors. If this has happened to you, you don’t have to suffer with the loss of confidence in your smile, broken-down or missing teeth, chewing problems or mouth pain. Dr. Davidson has the skill and experience needed to restore your entire mouth to full function, health and beauty.

A full-mouth rehabilitation can include a large range of procedures, including gum disease treatment, bite alignment and dental implant-supported replacement teeth. After a thorough examination and 3D diagnostics, Dr. Davidson will lay out a custom treatment plan that is tailored to address the issues specific to your case.

Highly skilled and experienced dental rehabilitation

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Dr. Davidson is highly skilled and experienced in planning and executing complex full-mouth rehabilitation treatment.

Dr. Davidson has been practicing dentistry since 1981. He is highly skilled and experienced in all aspects of dental restoration, including dental implant treatment. Since 1992, he has been training dentists in the United States and abroad. He teaches restorative dentistry and how to use the latest advances in dental technology to make treatment less invasive, more efficient and more comfortable for patients.

Due to his wide range of expertise, Dr. Davidson is able to effectively treat most cases in the comfort of our own office, whether they are straightforward or complex. Even if an outside specialist should be required, Dr. Davidson will manage the entire process. He selects and coordinates with the right specialist, guides you through your treatment and generally acts as the “quarterback” of the entire process. He will explain each procedure in detail as you go and make sure that you are comfortable every step of the way.

Gentle and Comfortable Treatment

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Our friendly staff provides pillows and blankets to help keep you comfortable during your treatment.

Using state-of-the-art technology in his procedures, Dr. Davidson is able to provide minimally invasive and comfortable treatment. For example, with advanced dental lasers he is able to remove soft tissue, tooth enamel and bone with little to no discomfort during or after the procedure. In some instances no anesthetic is needed at all.

Use of the latest technology often also means that procedures can be performed more efficiently, reducing your time in the treatment chair. Whatever procedures are part of your treatment plan, Dr. Davidson will ensure that you are comfortable at all times.

Precise Diagnosis and Comprehensive Treatment Plan

Restoring your smile to full health, function and beauty requires thorough analysis, meticulous planning and careful execution. Dr. Davidson performs each step with great care to ensure your treatment has the best possible outcome.

State-of-the-art diagnostics

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Dr. Davidson uses state-of-the-art 3D imaging for accurate diagnostics and treatment planning.

Dr. Davidson will first conduct a comprehensive oral exam which includes full digital X-rays, a study model of your teeth, and photos of your smile. He will also use our state-of-the-art 3D dental scanner to obtain complete 360-degree views of your teeth, jaw and surrounding structures.

Detailed treatment planning

Dr. Davidson will consult with you about your goals for your smile and will work out a treatment plan together with you. He will explain the options that are available and answer all your questions so you can make informed decisions. He will then make a study model of your teeth, and meticulously plan out every step of your treatment in detail. For many procedures, such as the placement of crowns or dental implants,
Dr. Davidson uses 3D software to simulate the actual procedures and their results as they apply to your particular case, allowing for very accurate treatment with a highly predictable outcome.

Top-quality new teeth

For full-mouth rehabilitation treatment, Dr. Davidson uses a local lab that is used by dentists all over the country for its excellent, superior work in creating sophisticated dental restorations. He uses top-quality materials like zirconia, a state-of-the-art dental ceramic that is known for its extreme strength and is highly aesthetic. Dr. Davidson will select the materials appropriate to your case to ensure that your new teeth are durable and look very natural.

Our Full-Mouth Rehabilitation Procedures

Any combination of procedures can be involved in fully rehabilitating your smile. Depending on your individual circumstances, your treatment may include crowns, bridges, veneers, and a large range of options using dental implants.

Below are some of the procedures that can be part of a full-mouth rehabilitation program:

Patient Testimonial

cindy-testimonial“The staff is phenomenal. I feel like part of a family that gave me professional service, but I was never “just a patient.”

“I had a lot of old dental work and I came to Dr. Davidson to start a process of cleaning up all my teeth. I had two consultations, a plan was made, and Dr. Davidson and the staff started on a comprehensive full-mouth rehabilitation journey with me. All my old dental work was removed and replaced. They scheduled my treatment over a period time so that it was more convenient for me.

“Though the job that needed to be done was extensive, they remained compassionate and caring at all times, and they worked through every issue that presented itself. They always saw me when I needed them, Dr. Davidson and staff were there for me at all times.

“The staff is phenomenal. I feel like part of a family that gave me professional service, but I was never ‘just a patient.’

“Thanks to my treatment, I have no more headaches, jaw pain, ear pain or sinus infections, and my mouth feels and looks much better. Everything about the practice is fantastic—they are simply outstanding!”

—Cindy, Full-Mouth Rehabilitation

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