Tooth Extractions in Northfield

Gentle and Comfortable Extractions

Gentle and Comfortable ExtractionsIn certain situations, a tooth can be too severely decayed or damaged to be salvaged. A tooth extraction is then necessary to prevent infections and painful swelling.

Our doctors provide gentle extractions that create little to no damage to the surrounding gum and bone tissues. This prevents post-treatment discomfort and speeds healing.

We make sure you are comfortable

We do everything we can to make the procedure as comfortable as possible. Our injections are very gentle as we administer anesthetic at a slow, steady speed, and we numb the area thoroughly so you do not feel any discomfort. We provide blankets and pillows for your added comfort in the chair.

Wisdom Tooth Extractions

When wisdom teeth do not come in properly, they may require extraction.

Dr. Davidson uses our state-of-the-art dental 3D scanner to obtain 3D 360-degree views of the wisdom teeth, nerves and surrounding tissues, and to determine the exact position of your wisdom teeth for an accurate diagnosis. He uses this information to plan and perform wisdom tooth extraction so it is minimally invasive and comfortable.

Dr. Davidson provides wisdom tooth extractions in most situations, although he will refer to a specialist under specific circumstances such as when the teeth have not erupted (broken through the gumline).

Socket Preservation for a Bridge or Dental Implant

The jawbone surrounding your teeth requires stimulation from regular biting and chewing pressure to maintain its volume. When a tooth is missing, these forces are absent and bone loss occurs at that location as part of a natural process. This creates a sunken area that is both unsightly and can lead to oral health complications.

Bone loss also makes it difficult to place a dental implant in the future, as dental implants need a certain amount of bone support to be stable. A dental bridge would have hole under the false tooth which could act as a food trap and lead to infection.

After a tooth is extracted, Dr. Davidson will fill the empty socket with bone graft material to stimulate regeneration of new bone tissue in that space. The regenerated bone will preserve the height and thickness of your jaw ridge and simultaneously prepare the site for a dental bridge or dental implant.

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