One-Visit Root Canals in Northfield

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Comfortable, High-Tech Root Canals in One Visit

One-Visit Root CanalsEach of your teeth has a canal on the inside that contains a combination of nerves, blood vessels and soft tissue, known as “dental pulp.” When these tissues become infected, swelling, pain and abscesses can result and the infection can spread to other parts of your tooth and into your jaw.

To save your tooth, Dr. Davidson and Dr. Michael Davidson perform a precise procedure wherein they thoroughly remove the infected tissue from the root canal. The canal is then cleaned, filled and sealed, and a crown is placed over the treated tooth. Our doctors are very skilled and experienced in root canal therapy, and they use the latest technology to make your procedure comfortable, minimally invasive and efficient.

Full Root Canal Treatment in One Visit

Our doctors use advanced instruments for root canal treatment, which allows them to clean out and seal the canal quickly and efficiently. Thanks to our in-office CAD/CAM dental milling system, our doctors can then immediately design and mill the crown that goes on top of the treated tooth. Being able to fabricate the final crown in our office while you wait enables us to truly provide full root canal treatment in a single visit.

What Is Root Canal Therapy?

During root canal therapy, the infected canal is accessed through the top of the tooth. All the tissue inside the canal is removed down to the bottom of the root, after which the empty canal is thoroughly disinfected. The canal is then filled with a rubber-like sterile material which seals the canal and prevents any future infection.

After the canal has been completely filled, a restorative crown is placed on the tooth to restore strength and function and protect it from future damage. This is usually necessary because a tooth that has had all its nerves removed is no longer “living,” and has a tendency to dry out. This makes it more susceptible to cracking and breaking. However, when properly protected by a crown, the treated tooth can continue to function normally for the rest of your life.

Our High-Tech Approach to Root Canal Therapy

Our doctors use cutting-edge technology to make your root canal therapy precise, efficient and minimally invasive. They are able to perform the entire treatment with little to no discomfort during or after the procedure.

State-of-the art 3D imaging

We will take digital X-rays and, if necessary, a full 3D dental scan, so that the doctor can determine the exact length and structure of the canal. This allows for very accurate diagnosis, precise treatment planning and a minimally invasive, efficient procedure.

Dental laser to access the canal

Dental laser to access the canal

During root canal treatment, our doctors use an advanced dental laser for a more comfortable procedure.

Our doctors use an advanced dental laser to efficiently remove tooth structure and access the infection. The laser quietly and painlessly evaporates the layers of enamel covering the top of the canal. Laser removal is an effective and more comfortable alternative to the traditional dental drill.

Precision instrumentation for accurate, minimally invasive treatment

Our doctors use a high-tech motorized instrument that removes the infected tissue with great precision, making root canal therapy efficient and comfortable.

They also use a special device during treatment to precisely determine where your tooth root ends. This ensures that the doctor misses no infection in the canal or unnecessarily goes beyond the end of the root, guaranteeing complete and accurate treatment.

Final crown during the same visit

CEREC Machine

Our in-office milling unit is used to fabricate your final crown during the same appointment.

Using our in-office Planmeca® CAD/CAM dental milling system, our doctors will design and create your final porcelain crown while you wait. Your entire root canal procedure can thus be completed in one visit, eliminating the need for a temporary crown or second appointment.

Signs That You May Need a Root Canal

The following signs indicate that a root canal may be necessary. If you are experiencing any of the above, please contact our office immediately.

  • You feel prolonged pain in response to heat or cold
  • Your tooth hurts when you try to bite down
  • You feel tenderness at the bottom of your tooth root
  • You feel spontaneous pain that has no easily traceable trigger
  • There is a white bump on your gum line—this is a sign of an abscess

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