Dentures in Northfield

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Comfortable, Natural-Looking Dentures That Last

DenturesMore than 20 million Americans rely on dentures to replace some or all of their teeth. However, not all dentures are alike. The quality and fit of dentures varies depending on the materials used and the skill of the dentist who fits them. Dr. Davidson combines the latest in high-tech equipment with the highest-quality materials to create durable, natural-looking dentures that are well-fitting and comfortable.

Dr. Davidson also provides implant-supported dentures, the latest advancement in denture technology. When dentures are supported by implants, they do not slip or irritate your gums and they have superior chewing power.

Our Well-Fitting, High-Quality Dentures

Dr. Davidson takes great care with every step of the process to make sure your dentures are of the highest quality and durability.

Advanced 3D imaging for a perfect fit

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Dr. Davidson uses our state-of-the-art 3D dental scanner to obtain detailed images for use in designing your dentures.

As a key part of the preparations for creating your denture, Dr. Davidson uses our state-of-the art cone beam 3D dental scanner to obtain precise 360-degree views of your gums and jawbone. The images are highly accurate and can be viewed from every angle, offering a level of detail that regular X-rays cannot provide.

This enables Dr. Davidson to fabricate a denture that will achieve the best fit possible. Over the course of several appointments, he will work with you to develop an accurate working model for final fabrication.

Top-quality lab and materials

Denture materials are not all of the same quality. Dr. Davidson creates custom dentures utilizing the best materials and teeth available. Your dentures are crafted to precise specifications so they are durable, comfortable and aesthetic. He uses a top-quality lab that fabricates sophisticated, aesthetic restorations for dentists all over the country.

Try-in appointment before denture is finalized

Before your dentures are finalized, you will have a try-in appointment with Dr. Davidson. Your teeth will be set up on a wax base so he can evaluate how the teeth fit together when biting, and how they look. Dr. Davidson will make any adjustments needed on your dentures until the fit and look is perfect and you are fully satisfied with them.

Digital dentures for the ultimate in strength

For the ultimate in strength, Dr. Davidson may have your dentures milled out of a single block of acrylic rather than pressing different pieces together (the traditional method). Our experienced dental lab will digitize our impressions of your jaws and gums to convert them into a digital file, then mill your dentures using state-of-the-art 3D CAD/CAM technology.

This method creates a denture that is extra strong and thus more durable. It also allows the lab to replace your denture easily without having to take new impressions.

Immediate Dentures

If your remaining teeth are too broken-down or decayed to repair, Dr. Davidson can perform any necessary extractions and provide you with a brand new set of teeth in the same day. After an initial exam and treatment planning, he will fabricate custom temporary dentures that you can wear immediately after your teeth are extracted.

Your temporary denture will be very aesthetic, comfortable and fully functional. After your gums have fully healed, a final denture will be placed.

Types of Dentures We Offer

Below are the main types of dentures we offer:

  • Full dentures

    full paletTraditional full dentures replace a full arch of missing teeth. The upper denture has a false palate that helps keep your denture in place and provides structural support. Dentures can be removed whenever you wish and should be taken out before bed so your gums can be exposed to natural conditions for part of each day.

  • Partial denture with metal clasps

    metal partial denturesTraditional partial dentures are held in place with metal clasps that grip the adjacent teeth. They can be removed at any time.

  • Metal-free partial dentures

    Metal free partial-dentureWe provide metal-free partials that are made out of biocompatible medical-grade materials. They are more comfortable to wear than metal-clasped partials. They look more natural and do not break easily as they are flexible.

  • Implant-supported dentures

    denturestabilization2Implant-supported dentures are the strongest and most functional form of denture system available today. Dr. Davidson can provide implant-supported dentures that are stable, do not slip and provide excellent chewing power. If you are currently wearing dentures that are in good condition, you can opt to have your current dentures stabilized using implants.

    Learn more about our implant-supported dentures.

Relines and Repairs

Our office provides excellent relines and repairs. We give you a fast turnaround so you are not left stranded without teeth.

To make an appointment, call 330‑467‑6066 or click here to request an appointment online.